Gary Peter Group is a firm believer in respecting every soul. Our group supports innovation which aims to redefine entrepreneurship. We firmly believe that,

“Respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners”

The Gary Peter Group’s management team has expertise of one and a half decade in IT and consulting industry. Our renowned professionals are highly motivated. Their experience will be a boon to startup companies. Under their guidance and mentorship, Gary Peter Group aims to help entrepreneurs achieve pinnacle.


What is Gary Peter Group’s strategy?

Our strategy is to use our extensive experience for the growth and welfare of startups in information technology and consulting business.


Prime objective of Gary Peter Group
  • Identify the hidden potential of innovative ideas and lend our support to them.
  • We aim to help entrepreneurs scale up their idea by investing in their startup, help them manage their operations and also guide them on maintaining growth trajectory.

Gary Peter Group is a firm believer in business with ethics. We aim is to enter into partnerships which is mutually benefitting.

Entrepreneurs have enthusiasm and a will to change the world. We want to provide these entrepreneurs with resources which are essential for building a successful business.